Suspending Readrz Services
Apr 4, 2015

I am suspending all services behind the infrastructure today:

All the code (apart from AWS connection details) is released here: akuz/readrz-public

There is a high chance that I can bring the infrastructure up again, if there is interest. Hopefully, one day I can also release the exciting innovative JavaScript menus as standalone components. I am keeping the database of all the news scanned between Jan, 2011 - Mar, 2015.

For now, I’ve decided to redirect $150 it costs to run it monthly to another project.

Good Bye Screenshots

Here are a few screenshots I’ve taken just to remember how it looked like at the last iteration.

Front page (celebrating the Iran deal at the top news item):

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New User Interface Mock Up
Nov 10, 2013

I think this is my best GUI prototype so far. It can actually achieve the original goal of “going deeper into the data”. It also highlights the history of what user selected to get the final data to look at. I think it makes it easy to go back one step back.


All – Magazine

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Hacker News Post
Nov 8, 2013

Recently, I posted a link to Readrz to Hacker News. It was on the front page for about 10-20 minutes. Around 600 people came during that time. Got some feedback, and here is the summary:

I will be posting mock ups of the updated GUI based on feedback, and then get to work on it.

Overview Presentation v1
Nov 1, 2013

Download PDF (5 pages)

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Improvements Released
Oct 28, 2013


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