I am suspending all services behind the Readrz.com infrastructure today:

All the code (apart from AWS connection details) is released here: akuz/readrz-public

There is a high chance that I can bring the infrastructure up again, if there is interest. Hopefully, one day I can also release the exciting innovative JavaScript menus as standalone components. I am keeping the database of all the news scanned between Jan, 2011 - Mar, 2015.

For now, I’ve decided to redirect $150 it costs to run it monthly to another project.

Good Bye Screenshots

Here are a few screenshots I’ve taken just to remember how it looked like at the last iteration.

Front page (celebrating the Iran deal at the top news item):

Filtered showing all news in the Finance category (notice the sub-categories too):

Search results when searching for “Ukraine”:

Contact email:

This is the Readrz.com development blog. Feel free to get in touch is you want to discuss anything.

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