Readrz search engine uses several unique algorithms, which in combination provide a service that is not available anywhere else:

Cross-sectional topic analysis allows you to intersect two topics, and see the results that have both of them. It is the highest-level feature that is supported by all other lower-level functionality. It is the top of the pyramid of code, and it is the most useful feature – it is at the pinnacle of what Readrz can do.

Now, cross-sectional analysis user interface… here we come to the dark area. Of course, you can imagine how that can work. First, you choose one section. Second, you choose another section. And voila, you are looking at the cross-section. You can already do cross-sectional analysis at the current website, which uses two different menus allowing you to choose first and second sections.

Using two menus is not a good idea for cross-sectional user interface:

That’s why we’ve been working on a completely new user interface for cross-sectional search.

Recently, I have learnt about the D3 javascript library, which can do amazing things (data-driven display of information for the web). After that we have spent a few days experimenting and working on the ideas for a new design.

Here is how the home page will approximately look like (using Bilevel Partition Sunburst):

I am attaching some sketches that show how cross-sectional design will work (see below).

I am working hard on implementing it right now…

This is how the search results will look like:

Home page showing all news and available sections:

User selects the “Business” section, and:

Use selects “Countries” cross-section (to intersect with previously selected “Business”):

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